Mega Yacht Transport provides all the required services for a seamless yacht transport operation. This gives you full control over every step at anytime.

All Services


It does not matter if your boat is shipped by a trailer or a vessel; a shrink will cover it all and we will do it for you should you need one.


Proper lashing of the yacht is as much important as the voyage itself. Your cargo will be lashed well enough by our crew members. Because we know that improper lashing of the yacht is not only dangerous for herself but also for the crew members and the environment.


We only work with the best..! Our cradle providers are Europe’s top engineering workshops. Their name represent reliability and accountability for the cradles provided to our clients. Depending on her figure, we can tailor a cradle just for your lady.

Custom Clearance at Load and Discharge Ports

If you are not in expert hands, custom clearance process can be very tricky and a tiring one. Thanks to our good world wide network, this will not be a problem for you anymore.

Warehousing Services in Europe and USA

Transport Insurance

With tailor measured insurance solutions, we offer a wide range of securities for our clients. We efficiently transfer your risks and leave you at ease.

Purchase and Transport Surveys

Licenses for Inland Transportation

To avoid unpleasant delays, we get all the road permits for each and every country our trailers will pass through beforehand.

Inland / Road Transportations

If your yacht is in proper dimensions for road transports, we can also put her on a trailer or take her from the factory to ship on board a vessel for her final destination.

World-Wide Yacht Transport

You want to ship your yacht any-where in the free world? Contact us and be rest-assured. Our word is our bond.

Assistance at Load and / or Discharge Points

You are never alone. With our expert team members, you will always have our support during the operations.